Video Conferencing Solutions Overview

About Our Solutions

About Our Solutions

Superior Quality

Amnet combines best of breed video, audio and integration technologies to build customized A/V environments. Our engineers design solutions that meet customers' collaboration needs in the boardroom, home office and on the road. 

Amnet's video solutions are built to accommodate thousands of simultaneous connections. We architect our infrastructure to support high definition, immersive telepresence quality video using standard Internet connections.

Application Content Sharing
Our video solutions can share any type of document or multimedia file using built-in software or external cameras.

Network and Firewall Friendly
Most of our solutions do not require complex network reconfigurations like traditional video conferencing systems. Firewalls and proxies are not an obstacle.

Multi-Point Calls
To keep things simple and clean, the interface can display nine separate callers simultaneously, but there can be multiple participants in the virtual meeting room. Amnet has helped organizations of all shapes and sizes optimize the manner by which this solution is deployed and used, both in terms of budget and maximization of this service for your users. Your Sales Representative can answer any questions you may have about how to best roll out and assimilate this service into your organization and culture.

Amnet's collaboration solutions interoperate with Microsoft Lync, IBM Sametime, SIP, H.323 & H.264 protocols, allowing customers to seamlessly communicate inside and outside their organizations. 

Recording & Streaming

Recording and Streaming

Amnet offers the most powerful one-button HD streaming, recording and auto-publishing solution on the market. Share knowledge and communicate business critical data leveraging high definition video, audio and data sharing. With one button, users can record, broadcast and auto-publish their meetings. Recordings are viewable on any internet connected device. 

Desktop Solutions

Amnet's video desktop products offer high definition quality from any internet connected device over standard internet and mobile carrier connections. They connect to and from PCs and Macs, iOS and Android devices and conference room based video conferencing systems. 

Desktop Solutions


Join or host person-to-person and multi-party video conferences from business or home office, or while on the road.




 Desktop Solututions 2



Our desktop solutions deliver trans code free video conferencing without the delay and broken pictures, associated with most typical providers.



Desktop Solututions 3


Our desktop solution connects with a range of other endpoints from mobile devices to room systems and legacy equipment, and integrates easily with Unified Communication applications.

Room Based Solutions

Room Based Solutions 1

Room Based Solutions 2

Our managed video conferencing rooms are installed solutions that are fully integrated into your conference or board room screens and offer unprecedented ease of use.

Mobile Solutions

Amnet utilizes consumer based iOS & Android smartphones and tablets to deliver anytime, anywhere HD video access over wifi and 3G/LTE connections. Familiar gesture and layout controls allows you to participate productively in every meeting. Starting and joining conferences is as easy as making a phone call or sending an email.

Our mobile solutions offer:

  • Rapid deployment
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • High-definition
  • Ease-of-use

    Mobile Solutions 1

Familiar gesture and layout controls allows you to participate productively in every meeting. Transform your phone or tablet into a virtual meeting place with just a couple of clicks, it's as easy as making a phone call or sending an email.




Mobile Solutions 2



Join or host a meeting, multi-point video conferences over everyday wireless networks that deliver a telepresence-quality experience.

Content Management

Though Advection.NET, Amnet operates a dozen streaming distribution hubs at core international network access points so your content is available at the same Internet peering points used by the viewer's ISP. This means less buffering or wait time for your users.

North America Online Video Distribution

At each location, we subscribe to Tier 1 bandwidth connected directly to multi-gigabyte core peering routers, instead of going through layers of second or third tier ISPs and switches. Being directly on the Internet's backbone bypasses equipment causing congestion that can degrade streaming quality or make downloads take longer. Being geographically closer means less delay when users start or skip around in a stream.



When we talk about our bandwidth capacity, we're not referring to our upstream providers' bandwidth. In these network diagrams, we have one or more 1000mpbs up links at each colored hub, with more than enough servers and storage to fully use that bandwidth even with video-on-demand ("VOID") content. The servers shown on these diagrams show the types of servers we maintain at each POP. Each server shown here actually represents many redundant servers performing that function.


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