AMNET myCloudTM Platform

AnyCam Mobile

Secured Customized View of Cameras from any Smartphone


A single application that runs on a smart phone or tablet providing immediate viewing of ANY surveillance camera located at ANY site

Easy-to-use mobile camera viewer application, compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and other mobile devices

Federal grade encryption technology provides secure access to only authorized individuals and is accepted for homeland security applications

Innovative software technology auto adjusts to your specific internet connection speed for high quality lag free live video

Currently being used as mobile command and control in Government, Law Enforcement, Education and many other applications

Benefits of Amnet's AnyCam Mobile

Securely View Cameras from any Smartphone and Site Control Customized to Your Facilities


Whether dealing with catastrophic conditions or every day operations, real-time access to information is key to making quick and informed decisions. Amnet gives you immediate and easy access to your applications and video—delivered to one common mobile platform.

Amnet's unique ability to deliver everything to a common operating platform provides you with a portable operations center that has proven relevance in both the government and private sectors. Current or custom applications, building interfaces, HVAC systems, live or recorded video, video walls and more can be viewed from a single screen on your iPhone, iPad, Android or BlackBerry device—providing you access to any and all information relevant to your decision-making.


Common Platform
AnyCam Mobile was designed to provide teams with one common mobile platform that allows for simultaneous use of applications and video from multiple sources on one screen. AnyCam Mobile is easy to use across all IOS devices, Android devices, web browsers and BlackBerry platforms.

No Lag
AnyCam Mobile optimizes your data and video for the best lag-free mobile experience possible.  AnyCam Mobile constantly monitors the latency and optimizes video and data streams. This allows for a lag-free experience regardless of the connecton type. Trust that what you are seeing is happening right now.

Scalable and Versatile
AnyCam Mobile's open architecture can be intergrated with existing or custom applications, recorded video from multiple systems, interfaces, live TV and news feeds. And your infrastructure will be scaled so it can handle a larger number of mobile users.


Amnet encrypts data and video being delivered into the field providing complete end-to-end security. The Amnet server sits in front of your DMZ (perimeter network), so your data remains protected on your private LAN. The communications between the Amnet server and the mobile client can all be encrypted with SSL.
Multi-VMS Support
AnyCam Mobile allows you to view video simultaneously from multiple video management systems (VMS) - even from different VMS vendors - on a single screen. Many existing infrastructures are mixed environments and require the use of different tools for viewing. Amnet pulls all the information together in a single interface.

App Channel
Unified mobile interface to operational systems, allowing quick access to key information, visuals and functionality. Open a door, find a floor plan, see critical temperatures, view live people counts or tap into any operational systems.




Government Solutions
Law enforcement, fire and EMS, emergency management, transportation, traffic control, sanitation and public works – and more – can benefit from AnyCam Mobile’s adaptable and powerful mobile technology.

Manufacturing Solutions
Amnet allows you to oversee and manage your manufacturing facilities from anywhere. Monitor multiple buildings and hundreds of employees from one mobile command center.

Maritime Solutions
With its ability to communicate simultaneously with both land-based and cloud data solutions, you can monitor ships, ports and facilities at the same time – all from one hand-held device.

Hospitality Solutions
From hotels and restaurants to theme parks and convention centers, AnyCam Mobile’s technology pulls together all of your critical applications and systems onto one mobile control center, allowing you to more effectively manage the flow of people, vehicles and assets.

Education Solutions
Pulling together systems provides better tools for securing education environments as well as more efficiently managing facilities.

Healthcare Solutions
Healthcare facilities rely on multiple systems that must work together seamlessly to ensure smooth operations. AnyCam Mobile provides you with the ability to access all of these systems from one remote device.

Event Management
Manage crowds and traffic flow; monitor parking areas; assess placement of security personnel; conduct mobile investigations.

Facilities Management
View and manage security systems and video feeds; monitor facility systems such as HVAC and electrical; integrate with emergency response services (9-1-1).
Mobile Investigations
View both live and recorded video; use time sync feature to view multiple videos; access maps, floor plans and facility information.

Live Incident Management
Monitor multiple video feeds; integrate with alarm systems; receive live news feeds; view maps and floor plans all on one screen; provide on-scene personnel with situational awareness.

Remote Inspection
Track critical assets and monitor supply levels; monitor multiple video feeds on production lines; monitor instrumentation and facility systems.

Continuity of Operations Planning
Remotely access applications, recorded or live video and interfaces communicate simultaneously with both land-based and cloud data solutions.


Real World, Operational Use

  • One tap to video. Launch the Amnet application and video appears.
  • A broader view of the situation, includes up to 20 simultaneous camera views on the iPad.
  • Easy steering. Double tap what you want to re-center on rather than pressing buttons to incrementally steer a PTZ camera (imagine driving a car with only left and right push buttons).
  • Keep it secure. Secure video delivery from the server to the mobile client using SSL.
  • Really real time. The video stream is optimized to limit latency, regardless of network conditions.
  • Pull it all together. Display video from multiple servers onscreen simultaneously.
  • Multi vendor. Display video from multiple VMS vendors. Amnet layers on top of your existing video solution(s), working with multiple vendors.
  • Find it fast. High speed playback scrubbing up to 512x speed.
  • Events of interest. See a list of server side events such as motion alerts and quickly jump to them in recorded video.
  • Get the full picture. Grab a full camera size recorded video frame for a snap shot, not just what shows on the screen.
  • Time sync views. Shift between cameras while keeping the same playback timestamp. See an event from multiple viewpoints or follow someone through a facility.


Technical Specifications

Network Compatibility:
WiFi, cell data or any IP network

Network Optimization:
Adjusts video speed/flow based on connection speed.

Client Compatibility:
iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android phones/tablets and BlackBerry

Video Management & Operational Systems

Connectors Available:
We support a wide variety of systems and with the Amnet plug-in API we can quickly connect to virtually anything

We know that your business or organization is unique. That’s why we’ve built Amnet AnyCam Mobile to be fully customizable, scalable and flexible. Our experience with companies in numerous industries allows us to put together a solution package that fits your exact needs

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